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With cast iron burners and stainless steel vaporisers, you have one of the most durable, flexible and efficient cooking systems available. The cast iron heats up quickly and maintains a consistent temperature. The stainless steel vaporisers very efficiently disperse the flames across the grill and plate surfaces whilst reducing flare ups.

The large viewing window means you can keep a careful eye on your food without lifting the hood and losing all that important oven chamber heat. There is a chrome wired elevated cooking rack that keeps your food warm when it's done or you can use it as a second cooking area.

Control each burner with a separate knob allowing you to be in full control of the heat. Turn the hotplate burners up for searing and the grill burners down for that slow cook. 

Raised edges on the hotplate prevents grease or oil spilling over and the grease management system ensures they are either vaporised or channelled down to the easily removable drip tray.

Keep all the flavour sealed in

Seal in the flavour with powerful cast iron burners, cook with consistent heat to give you the delicious results you're looking for.

Side Burner Shelf

Cook tasty stir fries with the powerful built-in wok burner

Grill & Griddle

Cast iron cook tops with a versatile grill and griddle options.

Class Leading

Double skin stainless steel roasting hood with integrated temperature gauge for top class indirect cooking.

See for yourself

Extra-large viewing window lets you see what's going on under the roasting hood.


Large cooking area side shelves and trolley cupboards for storing and preparing everything you need for your perfect barbecue experience.