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With an integrated easy clean convection roasting hood, you can now experience cooking to perfection. The roasting hoods on these models also include on-board warming rack and temperature gauge. The cooktop is created from porcelain enamel coated cast-iron which makes it very durable and rust resistant. This is one of the toughest coatings available and the cooktop is built to last.

The vaporiser grid reflector system with anti-flare technology reduces unwanted flare-ups and heat loss for faster cooking and superior fuel economy. Along with that, our innovative integrated quartz start ignition is a titanium-coated system that ensures durable and hassle-free starting. Fires up the first time - every time.

Packed with Features

Crafted from black enamelled steel for maximum style and durability. Stainless steel vaporisers and heat reflectors to promote power and control the flame for maximum flavour. 

Even Heat Distribution

Cast iron burners with 72 apertures per burner for maximum heat. There are stainless steel reflectors that sit between and underneath the burners. Along with that the stainless steel vaporisers prevent direct flame contact with the cooking surface.


Heavy duty cast iron cook tops with our unique V-shaped channels on the grill and cambered plate.


Integrated convection roasting hood with a large removable warming rack. The hood also features a durable BeefEater badge and an integral temperature gauge.

Snug Fit

A rollback hood that allows the BBQ to sit snugly against the wall.


Beautifully crafted to suit all needs, stylish and built to last, the 3000E is a classic all round fantastic BBQ.