iCedTub iCed 42 Hand-made 2 Person Ice Bath


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Introducing iCed 42 Hand-made Ice Bath: Your Gateway to Optimal Wellness!

Designed to bring out the best in you! Not only does it offer a host of benefits such as reduced stress and anxiety, increased energy and endurance, faster recovery, enhanced focus, and a boosted mood, but it also boasts an incredible feature – it comfortably accommodates two people at once!

Immerse yourself in the power of cold therapy, experiencing the flush of toxins, improved immunity, and a kick-started metabolism. With iCed42 Ice Bath by Iced Tub, it becomes your secret weapon to burn fat and achieve your wellness goals. Elevate your life with iCed42!


Unique, handmade-to-order ice baths with customizations available. Each piece has a fascinating story, showcased through its light and dark-colored rings. Please be cautious of wood shrinkage by avoiding leaving the ice bath dry in the sun for more than ten days when it's hot.

Durability and product life

Our wood material is resistant to mould and decay. Thanks to our special coating, the wood will be protected from the sun, the elements, and any salts, minerals, or cleaning chemicals you may choose to add to your ice bath.


Every ice bath is crafted to ensure durability, beauty and long-lasting life. Suitable for indoor and outdoor integration, with a water-resistant temperature control system, which can also filter, pump and clean the water from bacteria.


This is a one-man cold therapy training tool designed to fit most body types. It's a straightforward, crisp design with a glossy mirror-like finish. All our models are built from rot-resistant wood species, French Oak and Acacia wood.

Materials & Specs

  • Made from premium French Oak and Akacia wood
  • Added four layers of epoxy resin for UV/Antibacterial protection
  • Size 110cm tall / 100cm wide
  • Empty weight 89 kg
  • Holds 550L of water
  • Drainage point with closing and opening mechanism


    • Reduce stress and anxiety
    • Increase energy and endurance
    • Recharge and recover faster
    • Enhance focus and mental power
    • Boost mood
    • Flush out toxins
    • Improve immunity
    • Boost metabolism
    • Burn fat


    • Step stool
    • Inside seating
    • Bath thermal cover
    • Drainage point
    • Metal engraving plate

    Please make a note in your order for engraving and you will be contacted.

    Shipping, Warranty & Returns


    UK Shoppers, Rejoice!

    Experience the luxury of free shipping within the UK when you buy the iCed42. Keep in mind that this hand-crafted masterpiece is custom-built, and shipping may take 9 to 14 weeks.

    For an even more elevated experience, consider selecting our premium Delivery + Installation service. Our experts will handle the delivery and set up of your ice bath professionally, ensuring it fits perfectly in your space.


      Iced Tub's products come with a 1-year warranty.


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      If you are exchanging the product with something else, we may be able to help you cover some of the costs depending on the product.