OxyHealth Europe Respiro 270® Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Experience the Breath of Life: Introducing the OxyHealth Europe Respiro270® Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, where healing meets innovation

Elevate your wellness experience with a perfect blend of form and function embodied in our product's generous 27" (68cm) diametric design. It offers users an abundance of room to move freely while maintaining a compact footprint suitable for any office or home setting.

But it's not just about space; it's about innovation. This marvel boasts dual control valve technology, enabling both external and internal operation. Combined with its deluxe double-sided 44 oz. urethane-coated polyester, it not only embraces ergonomic excellence but also guarantees top-notch safety.

Now, let there be light! Three expansive viewing windows, including our distinctive top bubble, infuse the interior with a captivating glow, bathing your experience in the soothing ambiance of room light. What's more, strategically angled air-in ports and tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators work tirelessly to ensure a steady and undisturbed circulation of air throughout your sessions.

This is not just a product; it's a testament to practical design and superior craftsmanship. Crafted with top-grade components, it promises durability and functionality that will accompany you on your wellness journey for years to come. Welcome to the future of well-being.

Why OxyHealth Hyperbarics?

  • Embrace peace of mind with OxyHealth's 5-year comprehensive warranty, covering both parts and labor
  • Benefit from over two decades of expertise in chamber construction
  • Trusted by an impressive roster of over 1,200 professional athletes
  • Join the global community with over 17,000 chambers delivered worldwide!



  1. Operating Pressure: 1.3 ATA (4 psi)
  2. Device Classification: Wellness non-medical device (EU & UK)
  3. Material: Durable, double-sided 44 oz. urethane coated polyester bladder
  4. Pressure Regulators: Tamper-proof, dual redundant pressure regulator valves
  5. Seal Assemblies: Patented 2-zipper seal assemblies for added security
  6. Improved Airflow: Designed for enhanced airflow within the chamber during sessions
  7. External Port: Includes an additional port for external pass-through devices
  8. Component Quality: Manufactured with nontoxic, top-grade components
  9. Stability: Equipped with Anti-Roll bolsters for stability
  10. Frame: Features a rigid frame that maintains its form even when deflated
  11. Custom Mattress: Comes with a custom-contoured mattress designed to fit perfectly inside the chamber.

Weight of Chamber

  • Bladder: 12.24 kgs (27 lbs)
  • Bolsters: 3.17 kgs (7 lbs)
  • Compressor: 10.88 kgs (24 lbs)
  • Frame: 7.25 kgs (16 lbs)

Dimensions of Chamber

  • Length: 223.52 cm (88 in)
  • Diameter (inflated): 68.58 cm (27 in)

Clean Air Compressor

  • Double-headed, oil-less, 1/3 hp with dual intake filters with cooling radiator
  • High-efficiency inline air filtration that filters air to 0.01 microns
  • High grade air hose

    Package Inclusions

    • Respiro270® Hyperbaric Chamber
    • Jacket
    • Carrying Bag
    • Bolsters
    • Clean Air Compressor
    • 10ft Top Grade Air Hose
    • Internal Frame
    • Contoured Mattress
    • Operation Manual
    • Assembly Video
    You get a total of 5 shipping boxes.

    Shipping, Returns & Warranty



    Free delivery is available to the UK Mainland, and you can expect to receive your chamber within a timeframe of 1 to 3 weeks.


    Please inspect the packaging of your item(s) when they arrive, if you notice any damage, you should make note of it when signing for delivery. If your item(s) do arrive damaged please send photos of the damage, box & SKU, along with a brief description of the damage to info@athleterecovery.co.uk and we will process an insurance claim on your behalf. Photos and videos must be sent for freight damage within 24 hours of arrival or the freight damage claim will not be valid. Any punctures, or visible signs of exterior damage must be reported within 24 hours.


    If you need to exchange your product, you may do so. You, as the customer, are responsible for any shipping costs throughout any returns and exchange processes.

    All orders that are unboxed and still in original packaging are subject to a full refund if returned within 30 days of purchase. Items that have been unpackaged will be subject to a restocking fee (plus the shipping charge). Usually, this fee will be 20% of the total, however this can be confirmed on receipt of the product once it's been returned to the warehouse.

    If you are exchanging the product with something else, we may be able to help you cover some of the costs depending on the product.


    OxyHealth Hyperbaric Chambers offer a 5-Year Full Parts & Labour Warranty included.